Did You Know…Redondo Beach Trivia

Did You Know…Redondo Beach Trivia?
• The City Council designated the Goodyear blimp as the Official City Bird in November 1983.
• Redondo Beach is mentioned in the song “Surfin’ USA” by The Beach Boys.
• Actress Demi Moore attended Redondo Union High School for one year under her real name Demetria Guynes.
• The largest employer is Northrop Grumman.
• The highest recorded temperature was 111°F in 1955.
• The lowest recorded temperature was 21°F in 2007.
• The television show CSI:Miami has been filmed in Redondo Beach.
• Chuck Norris opened a Martial Arts studio in Redondo Beach before his career in acting.
• Redondo Beach was the spring training home of the Boston Red Sox in 1911.
• Pirates of the Caribbean, starring Johnny Depp, was filmed in Redondo Beach. The Black Pearl ship was moored in the harbor for several weeks in 2006.

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