Big Townhome Week. See This Week’s Update. 7 Day Market Update and Weekend Open House list-Hermosa Beach

3 New Active
4 In Escrow
4 Closed Sales
(see properties below)

48 Active Listings in Hermosa Beach
SFR- 30

Actives by Hermosa Areas:
Sand Section: 31 Active listings
Valley Section: 6 Active listings
East Hermosa: 11 Active listings

This is a market snapshot of Hermosa Beach Real Estate over the last 7 days. We are not presenting these properties as our listings. Click the IDX link above to see the recent Active, Pending and Closed properties in HB.


320 Hermosa Ave #202 Listed for $1,195,000 2 bed/2 bath

320 Hermosa Ave sold last year for $980K and quickly went under renovations. It is now back on the market for $215K more. With a peek of the ocean and a fresh look, I won’t be surprised to see this one go. This would be the highest price paid ever in this building by….you might have guessed, $215K. Prior to the $980 sale last year, the next highest price ever was $879,000

1344 Manhattan Av Listed for $2,127,000 3 bed/3 bath

1344 Manhattan Ave is part of a 3 on a lot attached townhome complex in the sand section of Hermosa with ocean views. It is located a block north of Pier Avenue.

1022 7th Listed for $2,389,000 5 bed/4 bath/2 pwd

1022 7th is a brand new 3 on a lot detached townhome with ocean views. The land was purchased in 2009 for $780K prior to the new build.

1650 Manhattan Listed for $2,575,000 8 bed/6 bath

In only 3 weeks, this 4 unit has a buyer. 1650 Manhattan is currently a 4-unit building. However moving forward, if the new owner chooses to build, they will likely be limited to a single family home due to its current R1 zoning status.

2524 Manhattan Ave listed for $3,749,000 5 bed/3.5 bath

In less than 2 weeks this home is in escrow. 2524 Manhattan Ave. has big views of the ocean and is in the northern end of the Hermosa Sand Section. This property last sold in 1999 for $1,275,000.

1550 Loma Dr #B Listed for $1,259,000 3 bed/2.5 bath

1550 Loma is part of 4 attached townhomes that back up to Hermosa Valley school.

255 28th Listed for $2,400,000 3 bed/2 bath

After a price reduction of $200K, this property is in escrow. However, the owner was selling both lots side-by-side. 259 28th is still showing active. It doesn’t state if these must be purchased together, however getting 2 lots in Hermosa sand section this close to the beach is going to piqué a lot of interest. Either way, it’s a big number for the dirt alone.

2022 Springfield Sold for $1,250,000 3 bed/1 bath

2022 Springfield was sold off-market and likely to a builder.

434 Gentry Sold for $1,132,500 2 bed/2 bath

After 7 weeks and a $96K price clip, this home has sold. 434 Gentry is a single-family home, 3 properties east of prospect with some ocean views. This one last sold in 2015 for $872,500.

228 Manhattan Sold for $1,750,000 3 bed/3 bath

The home sold in 1 week for a thousand bucks over the asking price. 228 Manhattan is part of three townhomes located 2 blocks to the beach. This middle unit has ocean views

122 Bayview Dr. Sold for $1,375,000 3 bed/2 bath

Sold in 8 days for list price. 122 Bayview is a single family home with ocean views a few blocks from the beach. The lot footprint is only 902 sq. ft. This home last sold in 2012 for $850K.

3 New Listings (click to see)
4 In Escrow (click to see)
4 Closed Sales (click to see)

If you have any questions about the previous properties or any other properties here in Hermosa Beach or the South Bay area, please call or text me direct at 310-613-1690 or email me at

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